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In most cases this injury will not have been caused by a car accident however there is a significant proportion that is a direct result of motor vehicle collisions. Road traffic accidents are a major cause of traumatic injury and represent more than half of all cases handled by personal injury solicitors. If you have been injured in an accident and you want to make a compensation claim for personal injury and loss just complete the contact form, email our lawyers offices or use the solicitors helpline. Our hip injury solicitors offer advice at no cost without further obligation. If our hip injury solicitors deal with your claim it will be on a no win no fee basis, compensation is paid in full and you do not have to fund or finance your car accident compensation claim.

Even a minor hip injury can cause problems later in life. If you have been hurt as a result of negligence you should take urgent advice from a hip injury solicitor on how to start an accident compensation claim. If you were a victim of someone else's wrongdoing you may be entitled to substantial damages. In order to be awarded damages you must be able to show that the accident that caused the injuries was fully or partly the fault of another person. If that person is negligent they must pay you compensation for personal injury. Even if you were partly to blame for your own injuries you should still be able to instruct a hip injury solicitor to make a compensation claim which will be reduced by the percentage for which you are responsible. Call our hip injury solicitors today.

Hip Injuries

Hip injuries can occur as a result of car accidents, workplace accidents or slips, trips and falls. Common injuries include bursitis, dislocation, fracture of the femur, fracture of the pelvis, and ligament and muscle strain. More serious injuries can give rise to substantial hip accident compensation claim settlements particularly if mobility is affected. The most debilitating injuries are fractures and dislocation :-


      This refers to a fracture of the top of the thigh bone (the femur). Falling on one side is a common cause of this type of fracture particularly for the elderly. The fracture is diagnosed by an x-ray and there is usually pain and loss of function of the hip.

      The ball joint at the top of the femur can be surgically replaced thereby allowing patients to become mobile again within a few days. In some cases, surgery to fix the fracture in position with steel pins or screws is carried out however this may require many weeks in traction to facilitate healing.

      Avascular necrosis which may be a complication of a fracture, is the death of the bone at the head of the femur (thigh bone) and is caused by failure of the blood supply. Severe pain spreads down to the knee and is made worse by movement or standing. Movement gradually becomes more and more restricted and the thigh muscles become thinner on the affected side. Surgery to replace the head of the femur may be necessary in advanced cases.


      A dislocation is movement of the head of the femur (thigh bone) out of its socket in the pelvis. A traumatic dislocation is a major injury that often occurs in motor vehicle collisions and industrial accidents.

      The ball at the head of the femur is forcibly torn from its socket and the surrounding ligaments and muscles are often badly damaged. The symptoms include severe pain and an inability to move the leg. Diagnosis is by an x-ray. The dislocation may be associated with a fracture.

      An operation is usually necessary to repair the damage, and many months convalescence are required. Reasonable results may be achieved with surgery, however, many cases result in permanent disability.

If you have suffered injury in a motor vehicle collision, an industrial accident or in a slip, trip or fall accident then you may be entitled to make a hip accident compensation claim for your pain and suffering and all financial losses.

Time Limits

There are many situations in every day life that can cause this injury the most common of which are trips slips and falls and road traffic accidents. Suffering a fall is the most common cause of a hip injury, especially within the senior community, that may lead to severe lack of mobility. There are also less common causes of this injury including an accident at work, horse riding and contact sports. If you have suffered personal injury in an accident caused by the negligence of a third party you should not delay speaking to a solicitor about a hip injury compensation claim. There is a three year time limit so you need to make contact without delay to allow sufficient time to investigate the incident and obtain medical reports. Call our hip injury solicitors today

Hip Injury Solicitors

If you would like advice at no cost and without any further obligation from specialist personal injury solicitors just call the helpline. Our hip injury solicitors operate the no win no fee scheme. Take the strain from your compensation claim – telephone our lawyers now for advice on liability and an estimate of the value of your award.

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