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If you would like to speak to an expert personal injury solicitor about spinal injury compensation claims just complete the on-line contact form. A spine injury solicitor will telephone to discuss your potential case and advise you on the best course of action to preserve your legal rights. Advice is provided at no cost and there is no obligation for you to proceed with a spinal injury compensation claim. If you do decide to take legal action your spinal injury compensation claim will be dealt with on a no win no fee basis which will be fully explained by your spine injury solicitor prior to any legal work being carried out.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The brain sends messages to different parts of the body along the spinal cord which serves as a pathway for electrical impulses. A spinal cord injury may prevent conduction of electrical impulses, either completely or partially, resulting in a loss or degeneration of feeling, function or movement. In the worst cases, there is complete loss of movement and sensation from below the damaged area of the spinal cord. However damage to the spinal cord may be incomplete and some movement and sensation may be experienced beyond the point of damage. The outcome of severe spinal cord injury is that victim may only able to lead a normal, independent life if they receive ongoing medical care. In addition they may incur substantial losses and expenses at a time when they have reduced income or no income at all, thereby causing severe financial difficulties.

Contributory Negligence

A motor collision may be wholly the fault of one party however there are incidents when both drivers may be partly to blame and in those circumstances we can still make a spinal injury compensation claim on behalf of a driver on the basis of the doctrine of contributory negligence. Liability may be apportioned on a percentage basis and the full award of damages may be reduced accordingly allowing both drivers to partially succeed in their claims against one another. A passenger can almost never be held responsible for causing or contributing to the cause of an accident and all passengers no matter which car they were travelling in will usually receive full compensation even though they may be closely related to the driver at fault.

Award of Compensation

It is a fact that motor accidents give rise to the majority of spinal injury compensation claims and in particular along with falls from height are responsible for some of the most severe and debilitating injuries. Damage to the spinal cord may be both physically and psychologically traumatising not only for the victim but also for close family and carers. Resulting injuries can affect a person’s functioning and physical abilities far into the future. If you have been the innocent victim of a motor accident, you are legally entitled to financial compensation on two basic grounds. First, there is a right to compensation for pain and suffering for the physical injuries and ensuing loss of lifestyle. Secondly, as an innocent victim, you are entitled to claim for all reasonably foreseeable financial losses.

Spine Injury Solicitors

A spinal cord injury compensation claim may be successful if it can be shown that the accident was caused, either fully or partially, by the negligence of a third party. However it should be noted that in some jurisdictions there is a non-fault compensation scheme in operation. To pursue a spinal injury compensation claim it is important that you collect and record all information relating to the accident including witness details. To ensure that you preserve your legal rights you should urgently take advice from a spine injury solicitor.

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