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If you have suffered a neck injury in a road traffic accident that was not your fault you can probably claim damages for pain and suffering and financial losses. Our whiplash injury solicitors deal with compensation claims on a no win no fee basis. Our whiplash injury solicitors offer a consultation which includes detailed legal advice about your case and if you decide not to take your claim any further after talking with us, you will be under no obligation to continue and there will be no charge.

Acceleration / Deceleration Syndrome

This condition which is also known as acceleration/deceleration syndrome is a collection of symptoms caused by injury to the neck. It occurs when the neck is strained due to a sudden jerk of the head. It is most associated with rear impact car crashes that involve sudden deceleration however it can also be caused by side impact collisions and by other strenuous activities.

Neck Injury

Whiplash occurs when the head is suddenly jerked forwards or backwards followed almost instantly by an automatic reflex reaction which jerks the head in the opposite direction stretching muscles, nerves and tendons and sometimes causing serious damage to inter vertebral discs and cartilage. The subsequent swelling of the soft tissues of the neck results in pressure being exerted on the nerves which may in turn give rise to severe pain and other symptoms that may include headaches, pain at the back of the neck, lumbar pains, tingling in the arms, exhaustion and sleep deprivation etc.


Symptoms may not develop immediately following an accident but may develop over a few days. Vulnerable victims, including those with a previous neck injury and the elderly can develop persistent and chronic symptoms. Doctors usually diagnose whiplash on the basis of past medical records, physical examination and the description of symptoms by the patient. Treatment may include anti-inflammatory drugs, pain medications and muscle relaxants. Cervical traction, motion exercises and physiotherapy may also be prescribed. In rare cases surgery may be required to fuse vertebrae.


In order to make a successful whiplash injury compensation claim it is usually necessary to prove that the other driver has been negligent. To this end immediately after an accident it is essential that the injured person does everything they can to preserve evidence. Full details should be recorded at the scene of the accident including an exact record of the time, date and location with the names addresses and registration numbers of all parties involved together with full details of any witnesses. Photographs of the location, the damage to vehicles and the injury should be taken shortly after the accident. Anyone who is injured should make an urgent visit to a general practitioner or a local hospital to provide a contemporaneous record of the injury. This medical record will be of paramount importance at a later stage of the claim, in valuing the award for pain and suffering. It should however be noted that in some jurisdictions there is a non-fault compensation scheme in operation.

Whiplash Injury Solicitors Compensation Awards

In serious cases there can be a lot of money at stake in a whiplash injury compensation claim. It is to your advantage that you obtain quality legal representation from a whiplash injury solicitor who specialises in personal injury compensation claims. Damages may include :-

  • physical, psychological and emotional pain and suffering
  • medical expenses including specialist physical therapy and equipment
  • loss of amenity and lifestyle
  • loss of opportunity on the job market
  • lost wages for the past & estimated for the future
  • damage to your personal property including your vehicle

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