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Vibration white finger (VWF) is a disorder which affects blood vessels, joints, nerves and muscles in the hands, wrists and arms. It is caused by regular use of vibrating hand-held tools. Symptoms of VWF may include a tingling sensation, numbness in the fingers and loss of nerve sensation. Fingers will often turn blue, then white, then red, particularly in cold weather. Some people may have difficulties picking up objects because of reduced sensation in their fingers and loss of strength and grip in their hands. Tingling and pain may extend to the wrists and arms. If this injury has been caused by an employer failing to meet the standards of health and safety legislation then you should instruct a VWF solicitor to claim compensation on your behalf.

Power tools which can cause this injury:

  • hammer drills
  • sanders
  • angle grinders
  • concrete breakers
  • jigsaws
  • chipping hammers
  • power lawnmowers
  • power chain saws
  • pneumatic drills
  • jackhammers
  • asphalt breakers
  • needle guns and scabblers
  • polishers
  • riveters
  • compactor

Any person, who is using or has used vibrating tools in the course of employment, has reasonable prospects of bringing a successful vibration white finger compensation claim. For a claim to be successful it is necessary to prove that the VWF was caused by an employers negligence and that :-

  • the employer knew or ought to have known that there was a risk of a vibration injury from the nature of the work and/or tools used by the employee
  • the employer breached the duty of care by failing to prevent or reduce the exposure to vibration

Damages for a vibration white finger compensation claim to which you may be entitled depends on the extent of the injuries and disabilities. Sufferers are graded according to the severity of the symptoms and the frequency of attacks. Compensation obtained by a VWF solicitor may include damages for loss of earnings, pain and suffering, medical, pharmaceutical and treatment expenses.

VWF Compensation Solicitor

Our VWF solicitors use the no win no fee scheme and compensation is paid in full. If you would like advice with no further obligation on vibration white finger compensation claim settlements from a specialist personal injury solicitor just use the helpline or complete and send the contact form. Here are 3 good reasons to choose our lawyers:

  1. Our VWF solicitors will provide you with legal advice on your rights and entitlements to compensation with no further obligation.

  2. Our solicitors are specialists with extensive experience in negotiating, settling and litigating accident compensation claims.

  3. If you decide to instruct any of our specialists to obtain compensation for you, they will act on a no win no fee basis. Compensation is paid in full and win or lose there is no charge.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958

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