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Vehicles owned by businesses are used intensively on the roads and include cars, vans and trucks. Most business owners rely on their vehicles to ensure that business keeps running and more often that not expensive heavy goods vehicles (HVG) are out on the road for long hours, often 7 days a week. Not surprisingly these vehicles are involved in some serious collisions and whilst HVGs account for less than 10% of all road accidents they do account for more than a quarter of all fatalities. Given the disparate weight of an HGV compared to a car that is not a surprising statistic. A truck accident solicitors compensation claim frequently involves a substantial damages award for serious injury, usually to the occupants of smaller vehicles unless there are two trucks involved which is often the cause of driver fatality. Rapid Solicitors operate from offices in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth and will be pleased to give advice at no cost to establish whether or not you have a viable personal injury compensation claim. Do yourself justice – contact Rapid Solicitors without delay.

Injury Statistics

At least 4 Australians are killed each week in a truck collision and it’s usually the occupant of a car or light van that’s been hit by a much heavier and larger vehicle that sustains most injuries with the HGV driver often escaping unharmed. These issues are extremely serious with about 20,000 injuries each year from accidents involving HVGs many of which end up as a solicitors truck accident claim in a court of law. In addition there are at least twice as many fatalities in accidents involving a truck than in accidents involving just cars or light vans. If you, or a loved one has suffered personal injury in a motor vehicle collision, you should contact a truch accident solicitor as soon as possible.

Contentious Litigation

Collisions involving HGVs often end up in the courts and a truck accident compensation claim can be very substantial both in terms of the human cost and in regards to property being the cost of very expensive vehicles and often expensive loads. Insurance companies are inclined to defend due to the finances involved specifically the substantial payments due in the event of a loss and truck fleet managers push their insurers for a defended case in order to keep their no claims bonus in effect.


A truch accident solicitors case is won or lost on the quality of the evidence. The most important aspect in any truck accident claim relates to evidence. Almost all trucks are required to carry a tachograph which is akin to a simplified ‘black box’ that is carried on aircraft. It records in detail the vehicles speed, acceleration and deceleration and can be used to prove braking times, distances etc. This does provide great assistance in reconstructing the actual events that occurred prior to and immediately after a collision. The information can be used by both a truck accident solicitor as evidence and by an accident reconstruction expert in conjunction with powerful software that is available to build up a realistic picture of the accident that can be used as evidence in a court of law to support the claimants case.

Truck Accident Solicitors

Our truck accident solicitors provide a level of excellence in the specialist field of motor accident claims which takes a high level of commitment, substantial investment and constant training. Our lawyers offer the no win no fee scheme and will give free advice without any further obligation. If you would like to speak to a qualified solicitor just use the helpline or email our offices.

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