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If you have suffered personal injury in a motor vehicle accident in South Australia and would like to make a compensation claim our South Australia car accident solicitors who deal with nothing other than compensation claims for motor vehicle accidents will be able to help you to recover the award that you deserve for any physical or psychological damage you may have sustained.

Time Limits

A South Australia car accident solicitor must settle the claim or legal proceedings must normally have been issued by a court of law within three years of the incident failing which the potential to claim compensation for personal injury may have been lost forever due to time limitation issues. If you have sustained personal injury in a motor vehicle accident you should not delay taking qualified legal advice and should speak with a compensation claim solicitor at the first opportunity to ensure that you preserve your legal rights.

Compensation Awards

Our South Australian car accident solicitors specialise in claiming compensation for personal injury sustained in a motor accident. We operate using the no win no charge scheme. We are able to obtain awards of compensation in several categories and to recover interest on the damages that are awarded thereby precluding any delays in settlement by insurers :-

  • Special Damages represents compensation for losses that can be calculated with a degree of accuracy and includes past and future loss of wages and the cost of long term care for those who suffer serious disability.

  • General Damages represents compensation for losses that cannot be calculated and must be assessed by a judge which includes damages paid for pain and suffering and for the loss of previous lifestyle.

Evidence Preservation

The prospect of success or failure of a compensation claim for personal injury in South Australian depends on the quality of the evidence. In order to succeed in a personal injury compensation claim in South Australia it is necessary to prove that the 3rd party driver, against whom the claim is being made, acted negligently and that this negligence was the direct cause of the injury sustained. Negligence may be described as conduct which falls below the standard of a reasonably competent driver. It is therefore advisable to keep full and complete records including events leading up to the incident and also the consequences of the accident and injury. Ensure that you record the personal details of all parties involved including potential witnesses and if possible take location and damage photographs and preserve all estimates and invoices relating to damaged items.

No Win No Fee

If you have suffered personal injury and would like unbiased legal advice on no win no fee compensation claims from a qualified solicitor with no charge just complete the contact form. A specialist motor accident compensation solicitor from South Australia will contact you to give free advice to help you preserve your legal right to receive compensation for personal injury. After you receive advice you may wish to take the matter no further and if that is the case then you will not be charged for any advice which is provided at no charge and with no further obligation. Do yourself justice and give us a call.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958

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