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Defective Drug Solicitors - Compensation Claim Lawyers

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958

When a pharmaceutical drug designed to help you is poorly made, poorly designed, badly labelled or conflicts with another drug, the results can be life changing. When a drug is withdrawn as a result of a defective heath product safety report it goes without saying that there must be some extremely serious problems usually involving life threatening situations. From the smallest injuries to the most serious, our defective drug solicitors are experts at recovering maximum compensation for the consequences of a defective pharmaceutical product. Our defective drug solicitors fully finance your claim so there is never any financial risk whatsoever and even if you do not win your case you still pay us nothing. We have on hand experts and scientists to help us investigate your claim and to build a strong case.

Product Liability

Showing that a pharmaceutical company is liable for what happened to you involves showing that your injuries were the direct result of using their product under normal circumstances and in a normal fashion. This is not always as simple as it may sound as there may not be a supporting defective heath product safety report and there is often a need to bring in technical experts to help investigate the situation thoroughly. Our defective drug solicitors have forensic technicians on hand to do just that and medical and scientific specialists to act as expert witnesses to help a judge fully understand how you have been affected by the experience.

Legal Action

There are many different pharmaceutical products that have been withdrawn including Bextra, Vioxx, Myodil, Imuran and Intergel and many more are known to cause problems that may be withdrawn in the future. Recovering compensation from a pharmaceutical company is an area of expertise for our defective drug solicitors. Fitting the right legal expert to a specific case is the first important step. We can take individual actions both in this country and in the country of manufacture and we also have expertise in Class Action Litigation, Group Legal Actions and Multi-Party Action.

Defective Drug Solicitors

Our solicitors work under the ‘No win No Fee’ system and you never have to pay anything to make your claim. Before you do anything else you should seek free legal advice. Defective product claims is a niche area of the law which requires more than just general claims experience; our defective drug solicitors are highly qualified by virtue of the experience they bring with them having handled many complex, high value and high profile cases including some of the most infamous multi-party actions against some of the worlds largest multinational corporations both here and abroad. If you would like free advice from experts just complete the contact form, email our offices or use the helpline and a solicitor will give you free advice with no further obligation.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958

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