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Accidents due to defective machinery are almost always the fault of a negligent employer except in the unusual case of structural failures within the materials used to construct the equipment. That's not to say that faulty design and manufacture do not play a part but most accidents that do occur are preventable by the use of adequate inspection and maintenance regimes imposed by employers. The number of machinery accident compensation claims would be substantially reduced if employers complied with the law which requires them to provide a safe system of work that dictates safe equipment, machinery and plant that is adequately maintained. If you need to speak to a machinery accident solicitor just call the helpline

Defective Equipment

Machinery accident compensation claims generally fall into several categories which are outlined below:-

  • parts falling from machinery due to inadequate fixation
  • materials being ejected from machinery with force
  • rupture or disintegration of mechanical parts of the machine
  • unintended discharge of vapours, gas, dust or liquid
  • explosion caused by pressure or chemical action
  • unguarded rotating cogs or shafts
  • unguarded reciprocating parts
  • unguarded rotating wheels
  • inadequately guarded power presses
  • inadequate and unsafe premises
  • inadequate training & supervision
  • failure to inspect & maintain equipment

Evidence Preservation

In the event of an incident involving personal injury caused by defective equipment it is essential that sufficient evidence is collected at an early stage to enable your machinery accident solicitor to prove negligence. The accident should be recorded in writing in full together with the names and addresses of witnesses. Photographs should be taken of the location and of the machinery and a location plan should be drawn. Any information about previous similar incidents should be recorded.

Machinery Accident Solicitors

If you are the innocent victim of an accident or are only partly to blame our machinery accident solicitors are able to make a compensation claim on a no win no fee basis. If you would like advice at no cost just complete the contact form or email our offices or call the helpline and a machinery accident compensation solicitor will telephone to give information on how to protect your legal right to claim compensation with no further obligation.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958

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