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Forklift truck injury compensation claims account for 1% of all industrial accidents dealt with by lawyers. Most of these incidents involve a collision with a vehicle and/or load, driving off loading bays or tipping over due to excessive cornering speed. Almost all compensation claims taken by a forklift accident solicitor claims arise due to driver error precipitated by a lack of adequate training and supervision, with inadequate premises often contributing to risk. Employers need to carry out risk assessment and put controls in place to reduce risk to an acceptable level. Failure to ensure adequate training or failure to carry out basic safety procedures may make an employer liable in negligence to pay damages for personal injury and loss in a forklift truck accident compensation claim. If you need to speak to a firm of forklift accident solicitors just call the solicitors helpline.

Injury Negligence

Whilst the number of accidents involving a fork lift truck is small, those accidents that do occur often involve severe injury and account for over 10% of all serious injuries in the workplace. Operators are required to attend safety training courses and to operate and maintain their vehicles in a satisfactory manner. In the event of personal injury resulting in a forklift truck accident compensation claim it is not unusual for both the driver and the company to be named as defendants. Employers are required to ensure the following :-

  • all operators and drivers must receive adequate up to date training
  • supervisors and managers must receive training in safety measures
  • equipment and vehicles must be suitable for the task in hand
  • all equipment must be fully maintained and operable
  • premises must be adequately laid out for efficient forklift truck useage

Forklift Accident Solicitors

Our forklift accident solicitors deal with personal injury compensation claims on a no win no fee basis. If you would like advice at no cost just complete the contact form or email our lawyers offices or call the solicitors helpline and a forklift accident solicitor will telephone to give information on how to protect your legal right to claim compensation, with no further obligation.

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