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A motor accident that causes the fatal injury of a loved one is often a life changing event for the family who may have relied on the deceased to provide income and financial support for relatives or dependants. Our personal injury solicitors specialise in motor accidents and deal with fatal injury compensation claims on behalf of drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians on a no win pay basis. Our fatal injury solicitors offer free legal advice for potential road traffic accident claimants including dependants of a deceased person without further obligation. Just complete the contact form and one of our solicitors will review your information and telephone to advise you on the chances of success of a compensation claim and its potential value. Our fatal injury solicitors can help with the following matters :-

  • assistance and legal representation in the Coroners hearing

  • guidance in dealing with police enquiries

  • recovering interim compensation for funeral and other immediate expenses

  • advising on a fatal injury compensation claim

  • advising family members and dependants on legal rights

  • advice on financial and emotional support facilities

Attributing Blame

In most jurisdictions in order to succeed in a fatal injury compensation claim it is necessary to show that another driver was wholly or partially to blame for causing the accident. This involves the concept of negligence whereby a fatal injury solicitor must be proved that the 3rd party driver has acted in a way that no reasonable person faced with the same circumstances would have dealt with the situation. In some jurisdictions there is a non-fault compensation scheme in operation and it is not necessary to prove negligence.

Contributory Negligence

It is possible to succeed in a fatal injury compensation claim even when the deceased is partially responsible for causing the accident. This is known as the doctrine of contributory negligence whereby blame for causing an accident is attributed to the parties involved on a percentage basis. The effect of this is that any sums awarded by way of compensation are reduced by the percentage of blame attributed to the deceased.

Coroners Inquest

A Coroners Inquest is a court hearing appertaining to a fatal accident. It is usually carried out in the case of sudden death or death with an unknown cause. A Coroners Court does not attribute blame for the cause of death, it sole purpose being to establish how, when and where death occurred. The hearing before the Coroner takes place in a court of law and the usual rules of evidence apply. Witnesses may be called and the family or dependants of the deceased may be represented by a fatal injury solicitor. The usual verdicts relate to accident or misadventure with an alternative open verdict where a cause is not established. The verdict of a Coroners Inquest can have profound financial effects for family and dependants i.e. a verdict of suicide will preclude payment of most insurance polices to potential or named beneficiaries. In many situations, it is to the advantage of potential dependants to be legally represented by a fatal injury solicitor in order to ensure that sufficient evidence is put forward to help prevent a detrimental, erroneous verdict that might otherwise preclude the ultimate payment of damages from a negligent third party.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958