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When an employer fails to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of his workers, an injured worker may be able to claim damages. When a worker is fatally injured in an accident, his dependants have a right to bring a compensation claim for their losses. If you have lost a loved one in a work related incident just contact our fatal work accident solicitors today by simply using the helpline or by filling out the contact form. Our fatal work accident solicitors will provide you with legal advice at no cost about your potential claim. There is no charge for this consultation and you are under no obligation to take further action.

Work Accident

In all work situations an employer is responsible for taking reasonable care for the health and safety of employees. This is a legal duty of care imposed on employers by law with no exceptions. Most employers take out insurance against the risk of paying damages for negligence. Fatal work accidents occur in many industries with the building trades at particular risk from serious injuries and fatalities. If you are the next of kin or a dependant of the victim of an accident that was caused by the negligence of an employer, our fatal work accident solicitors are able to make a compensation claim on a no win no fee basis.

Fatal injuries that occur whilst at work are all too common and all employees are at risk of fatal accidents not just those who work in obviously dangerous environments. Studies on workplace accidents indicate that serious and fatal injuries at work can be caused by hazards in all lines of work however the major causes of serious and fatal injuries in the workplace include :-

  • electrical shock
  • slipping or tripping
  • falling from a height
  • hazardous substance exposure
  • moving machinery accidents
  • being hit by a falling object
  • collision with a moving vehicle
  • lifting and manual handling

Risk Assessment

In all industrial situations employers are expected to carry out risk assessment for all tasks that may be considered potentially capable of causing personal injury. Once assessed an employer is expected to take reasonable steps to reduce any risk identified to an acceptable level. If an employee is injured as a result of failure to properly asses risk and deal with it appropriately then an employer will be deemed negligent and a work accident compensation claim will succeed with the payment of damages. In the event of a fatal accident at work the damages calculation can be complex and includes items that may be considered to be the deceased’s claim and other items that may be considered as the dependants claim.

Reducing the Risk of Fatal Accidents

In any workplace, systems should be implemented to identify potential hazards, assess risks and ensure the overall safety of the workers. This system should also include continuous monitoring to recognize and address hazards posed by changes that occur in the work environment. Fatal injuries in the workplace can be greatly reduced by taking simple preventative measures. These measures include :-

  • assigning workers to tasks for which they have the necessary skills and training
  • ensuring that a change in the worker's duties does not present a potential hazard
  • properly training each worker in safely carrying out their duties
  • providing adequate on-site supervision

Heavy Vehicles and Mobile Equipment

Heavy vehicles and mobile equipment pose a risk of fatal injuries not only to the driver but also to everyone in the workplace. The dangers of fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles and mobile equipment include improperly secured loads, striking a pedestrian, loading and unloading, mounting or dismounting the vehicle, moving materials, maintenance and driving in reverse. There is a great deal that an employer can do to reduce the risk of fatal injuries caused by vehicles and equipment. These steps include :-

  • restricting pedestrian access to certain areas
  • installing pedestrian barriers
  • designating pedestrian walkways
  • thorough training of those operating heavy vehicles and mobile equipment
  • restricting reversing in certain areas

An Employer's Legal Responsibilities

Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers. An employer's main duties include :-

  • providing a safe working environment and a safe system of work
  • providing workers with adequate safety information, training and instruction
  • providing adequate on-site supervision
  • providing workers with protective clothing and safety equipment

Fatal Work Accident Solicitors

If you are the next of kin or a dependant of the victim of a fatal accident that was caused by the negligence of an employer, our fatal work accident solicitors are able to make a compensation claim on a no win no fee basis. If you would like advice at no cost just complete the contact form or email our solicitors offices or use the helpline and a fatal accident solicitor will telephone to give information on how to protect your legal right to claim compensation with no further obligation.

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