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Drug Trial Solicitor - Defective Product Compensation Claim Lawyers

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Our specialist solicitors focus on personal injury compensation for defective product compensation claims including the victims of defective products used in drug trials. Our lawyers work under the ‘no win no fee’ system and you never have to pay anything to make your claim. Before you do anything else you should seek free legal advice from a drug trial solicitor. Defective product litigation is a niche area of the law that requires more than just general claims experience. Our lawyers are highly qualified to deal with product liability claims by virtue of the experience they bring with them having handled complex, high value, high profile cases including some of the most infamous class actions against the world’s largest multinational corporations both here and abroad. If you would like free advice from defective product compensation claims lawyers just complete the contact form, email our offices or use the helpline and a drug trial solicitor will give you free advice with no further obligation.

Drug Trials

The need for personal injury solicitors who can deal with defective product compensation claims is on the increase. In a recent incident, six otherwise healthy men were suddenly taken very ill during a drug trial which was one of many thousands which take place each year and was by no means an unusual sort of drug trial. In this particular case, the drug trial was for a new antibody drug to treat serious inflammation and other conditions such as leukaemia which had previously been tested on animals without incident. There is little doubt that the injuries sustained which include susceptibility to cancers, justify very substantial awards of damages estimated to be well in excess of $10 million.

    Stage I

    There are different types and stages of drug trials. Early treatment trials exist to investigate the safety of a drug when administered in varying doses. Side effects are measured and patients carefully monitored. Usually, these first stage trials only involve a small number of people and these people are typically all healthy to begin with.

    Stage II

    The second stage of drug trials involves a much larger group of people and includes some people taking a placebo – to ensure that there is a scientific method to the trial. Several hundred people can sometimes be involved in this stage of a test. It is therefore most likely that your injury was sustained during this type of trial.

    Stage III

    The third type of drug trial includes larger groups of people who are both healthy and those who are ill. This is the only way to properly investigate how a new drug might work in real life situations. This stage can take more than twelve months to complete and is typically exhaustive, but in some cases the proper precautions are not taken on every level. If you feel you have been poorly treated during a drug trial or had side effects you were not warned about, or indeed any long lasting problems, you should speak to one of our solicitors.

Drug Trial Solicitors

If you have been adversely affected by a drug trial there is help at hand. Whether your involvement was as a healthy patient or an ill patient, drug trials are covered by Australian law and regardless of what piece of paper you sign you still retain certain rights. A specialist product liability solicitor must investigate your particular situation to ensure that you receive prudent advice. Our drug trial solicitors will provide you with the means of getting impartial, free, legal advice without having to pay a penny. To make contact simply fill in the contact form on this web-page, email our offices or ring the telephone helpline.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958

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