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Demolition accident compensation claims often involve serious injuries with many incidents also involving fatalities. Demolition is a risky business when in fact it should be without risk if simple precautions are taken by the managers of demolition sites. Administrative action that would reduce the incidence of demolition accident compensation claims includes :-

  • Carrying out a risk assessment to health and safety for every part of the demolition process on an individual basis for each specific contract.

  • Consideration of the effect of demolition on all of those in the vicinity or who are likely to come into contact with the effects of the process including neighbours and visitors whether invited or otherwise.

  • Providing health surveillance in the event of conditions recognised as adverse to health.

  • Appointing an experienced supervisor to oversee the work and to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

  • Establishing emergency protocols in the event of a serious problem involving clear and imminent danger of a demolition accident.

  • Provide all relevant employees with full information about any perceived dangers including matters relating to both construction methods and hazardous materials used.

  • Provide full training to all staff including supervisors in respect to :-

    • initial training for new employees
    • full instruction about allocated duties & tasks
    • duties relating to internal promotion
    • new equipment or new methods of working
    • new statutory requirements when health & safety law changes

Personal Safety Equipment

One of the main sources of demolition accident compensation claims relates to failure to provide adequate personal safety equipment. There can be no excuse for an employer in this business for failing to protect employees and failure to carry out risk assessments and provide whatever equipment is reasonably necessary is without doubt negligence that would lead to a successful demolition accident solicitors compensation claim. Relevant personal protection as a minimum includes :-

  • eye protection must be worn on threat of dismissal
  • heavy duty gloves and protective suits where appropriate
  • respiratory masks or breathing equipment where necessary
  • steel capped protective safety boots
  • consideration for exposure to neighbours and visitors

Demolition Accident Solicitors

If you are the innocent victim of an accident or are only partly to blame our demolition accident solicitors are able to make a demolition accident compensation claim on a no win no fee basis. If you would like advice at no cost just complete the contact form or email our offices or use the helpline and a demolition accident solicitor will telephone to give information on how to protect your legal right to claim compensation with no further obligation.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958

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