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Employers and the owners of developments owe a general duty of care to those employed to work in the construction business and any personal injury caused as a result of negligence by the owner, employer or a co-worker entitles the injured person to make a building site accident compensation claim. Our building site accident solicitors offer legal advice at no cost. Safety regulations, used by building site accident solicitors to facilitate court judgements, require employers to :-

  • provide a safe place of work
  • employ a safe system of work
  • ensure risk assessment
  • maintain all equipment and appliances
  • employ competent work colleagues

High Risk of Personal Injury and Death

Building site accident compensation claims are very common and account for more legal action than in any other sector of industry including high risk mining and fishing. Almost one in three fatalities in Australian industry occurs in the construction industry with most deaths being due to falls from height due to careless use of ladders and inadequate scaffolding. Other common causes of death and injury include accidents caused by forklift trucks and on site mechanical vehicles including cranes, diggers and dumpers.

Accident Safety Precautions

Employers are required to reduce the risk of building site accident compensation claims by providing :-

  • safe access and safe work place
  • protection from falling objects
  • fragile material fall protection
  • fall arrest equipment
  • ladder training
  • scaffolding safety instruction
  • protection from falls from height

Building Site Accident Solicitors

Our building site accident solicitors deal with personal injury compensation claims using the no win no fee scheme. If you would like advice at no cost on a construction accident claim just use the solicitors helpline, complete the contact form or email our lawyers offices and a personal injury lawyer will telephone to give information on how to protect your legal right to claim compensation with no further obligation.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958

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