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If you have suffered personal injury in a bicycle accident our personal injury solicitors can help you to obtain fair compensation. Our cycle accident solicitors will vigorously pursue your compensation claim whilst providing the highest level of service. Our cycle accident solicitors deal with claims using the no win no fee scheme and our lawyers only get paid if you get paid. In most cases your solicitor will be paid the majority of any legal charges by the negligent drivers insurers.

Cycle Accident Solicitors & Legal Action

There are a number of different situations that can result in a cycle accident compensation claim. The most common scenarios that may trigger legal action by a solicitor in the event of personal injury to a cyclist are as follows :-

  • collisions with motor vehicles

  • falls when trying to avoid a collision

  • defective road surfaces

    • potholes and cracks
    • road surface protrusions
    • inadequate road repairs
    • spills and debris

Facts & Figures

Bicycle riders are amongst the most vulnerable road users with two cyclists being killed every week in Australia. In addition almost 2,000 cyclists are reported as being injured ever year with several hundred suffering serious or life threatening injuries although it is believed that most injuries to cyclists are not formally reported. About a third of those who are injured are children with most injuries occurring on the journey to and from school. Most cycle accidents involving a third party driver occur in the following situations :-

  • cyclist turning right into the stream of traffic

  • motorist turning into path of the rider

  • motorist emerging into path of the rider

  • riding into the path of a vehicle when riding off a pavement

  • rider overtaking another vehicle and being hit from behind

  • motorist fails to give precedence to cyclist travelling at right angles on a junction

Minimise Risk

The last person that a bike rider wants to meet is a cycle accident solicitor. No matter how safe we are when on the road, we cannot entirely eliminate the possibility of an accident. There are, however, steps that cyclists can take to minimise the odds of being involved in a collision thereby avoiding that potential liaison with an accident lawyer. It is particularly important for cyclists to utilise all safety precautions available to them including adequate lighting, bright clothing and a helmet. Not only are cyclists at a greater risk of being involved in an accident, than most other road users, they are also at a greater risk of suffering severe injury including damage to the spine, skull or brain.


LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 339 958