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Our motor accident compensation claim lawyers are based in Adelaide and deal with personal injury claims throughout South Australia. If you have suffered personal injury in a motor vehicle accident as a result of negligence by as 3rd party as a driver, passenger, rider or pedestrian you should take urgent legal advice in order to preserve your right to receive damages for psychological trauma or personal injury. Our Adelaide lawyers deal exclusively in motor accident compensation claims and are able to offer free advice in conjunction with the no win no fee scheme which ensures a risk free settlement. If you would like to receive advice with no further obligation and no liability to legal charges just complete the contact form and a specialist Adelaide car accident lawyer will speak to you on the telephone about making a personal injury compensation claim in South Australia.

Injury Compensation Time Limits

There are time limits in South Australia and a claim for compensation for personal injury must normally be settled or legal proceeding must have been issued in a court of law within three years of the incident giving rise to the injury. There are exceptions to this general rule for minors and the mentally disabled. If you are in any doubt about time limits our Adelaide motor accident lawyers will give you clear unequivocal advice in plain English on time limits, liability issues, the chances of making a successful claim and the potential value of a compensation award.

Damages Awards

Car compensation is divided into two main categories with interest at different rates being added to the constituent items of the final award which should preclude delays by insurers in settlement of claims. Our Adelaide motor accident lawyers will advise you both on liability issues and on the potential value of the financial award in your compensation claim under South Australia law. The main items of a compensatory award are as follows:-

  • General Damages represents compensation that must be assessed by a judge and includes the award for pain and suffering together with any detrimental loss of lifestyle.

  • Special Damages represents compensation that can be established with a degree of mathematical accuracy that does not, in the main, require assessment such as loss of past or estimated future income, the cost of future care and damage to property.

Contributory Negligence

Our Adelaide car accident solicitors are able to represent passengers, drivers, riders and pedestrians in compensation claims for personal injury. The doctrine of ‘Contributory Negligence’ means that if you were partly to blame for causing an accident you can still claim partial damages for injury against the 3rd party driver who was also partly to blame.

Adelaide Motor Accident Lawyers

Our Adelaide motor accident lawyers will leave no stone unturned in their quest to prove negligence by a 3rd party driver in order to establish your right to claim compensation for personal injury. The proof of negligence merely requires the claimant to show that the 3rd party driver has failed to exercise reasonable skill and care. If you would like free qualified advice from an Adelaide motor accident solicitor, just complete the contact form and a specialist lawyer will speak to you on the telephone with no further obligation and no charge whatsoever.

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